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well stuck in a hotel in dublin with only a tired turkey sandwhich and a pint of the black stuff for company…

it’ll be so nice to head home again…

got a whole list fo stuff I need to do when i get back… like think about what I really want to do with the company I’ve with.. whats my direction.. and what can i do for them??

still thats a thought for the plane home…

looking at pictures of deep snow back in the UK.. all we have here in dublin is rain.. and dry turkey sandwhiches…

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Well spent the day patching and reconfiging the server, so we should be safe form the evil spammers again…

although looking at my spambox on my mailserver today, I did wonder how and why I seem to get so much spam in my inbox..

Luckly we’re running SpamAssassin on our mail server so that filters out most of the junk

There does seem to be a new wave of spam that is activity trying to fool you into opening it.. such as the one I got from saying that my order had shipped from the headers it looked really like it came from amazon, however seems that it was full of porn!

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I’ve shut down all comments until i install some anti-spam code to code with the spambots that pushed lots of drug and gambling related spam into the comments on the blog today…

like i need Viagra!

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I’m a somewhat part time magician (or Magish if you like!) and over a long time I’ve collected lots of magic books, mostly old, alot rare, and all expensive!

Theres a few magicians I really think are way ahead of their time, one of which is Paul Harris, I got a signed set of this books back in 1987 I think call the ‘Art of Astonishment’


Mine are a little different from these as they are a limit set that were personally signed by Paul (I think there are about 1000 of these in total!)..

Last night I was looking through various websites doign a bit of research and I found a trick Paul did a while back called ‘Deep Astonishment’, where a spectator cuts the deck to a random face down card, and you then cover the card with a card case. They then think of personal magic word. You then use their magic word to help you find the “soul mate” of the card that’s under the wallet. It’s a very cool trick! But what’s in the card case? You open the case. You remove the cards, You slowly and cleanly deal these cards from the wallet on to the table. The first card has a large “R” hand drawn on its back! The next card an “O”! The next an “S”! The final card an “E”…spelling out her magic word, “ROSE”! (or whatever it happens to be!)

Excellent I thought, I’ll buy it… but, checking the Art of Astonishment books I found that the precursor to this trick is described in the book. slightly different, but still as powerful!

The rule here? Well.. I’m a strong believer in the fact that everything we ever need to know is there… we just need to look.. and if our answer isnt there first time… we only need look in a different way

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Well back home at last… Had a great week and a bit in Boston at the Ascential Kickoff 2004.. but its great to be home..

Jet Lag and pure exhaustion means I’m not going to post anything really, but there were a few highlights of the week. One was two awards I was given (which I’ll post a bit on later) but the main highlight had to be the ride on Jean-Claudes Segway that we was given as an award…

if you havent got on one, and you get the chance, hop on.. they are really just SO cool…

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Well… its snowing.. stilll


started snowing about 9am this morning and well been snowing on and off most of the day…

hopefully this means I can still get home tomorrow!!

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well last night was an Ascential night at Kings.. hiring the place for the night took some more pictures

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This really appeals to my sense of humour…


this guy left his best friend in charge of his flat over newyear, and they decided to wrap the entire flat and its contents in tin foil, every object, floor ceiling and piece of furniture was ‘wrapped’ with love..


of course the only unwrapped object was the Penn and Teller book ‘cruel tricks for dear friends’ on the book shelf!!
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Headed over to Hank Lee’s Magic Factory magic shop early this morning..


Excellent magic great shop just on the southside of Boston. I went with great intentions not to buy much, but ended up coming back with tons of stuff.

I admit that all the stuff was stuff I needed, but a magic shopping trip tends to work out really expensive!
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well been here a few days, but I’m at the Ascential Kick off in Boston MA. its somewhat cold (to say the least!) and todays the first day we’ve had free.. last night was fun (and expensive!) with a $6000 dinner bill. Bostons great but I’ve never seen much of it.. no snow still though…

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