I was speaking with someone yesterday morning about Derren Brown, a once magician thats now turned superstar, well I guess mentalist (thats being able to seemingly control, read or manipulate someones mind, as opposed to just being a complete nutter!)

I find everything he does insanely interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly its incredibly clever, I can say that I know he doesnt use stooges, or actors in the sets he does, as really there is no need to. and secondly, its just insanely clever 🙂

Derren uses a number of techniques to get the response he needs from subject. These include, but are not limited to, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Cold Reading, Suggestion, Waking Hypnosis, body language, behavioural trends (eye movement, muscle reading and more)

I knew of Derren along time ago, when I used to go to magic conventions alot.. he was funny then and more than a great ‘close-up’ magician. Over the last year or so I’ve read a lot of his books and manuscripts that he wrote and compiled during that transition from magic to mind, although he still says that his current career is a mix of magic and suggestion..

So how does he do what he does… Lets take the case I was talking about;

A women is taken into a room, shes stood in front of a window and spoken to about whats going to happen.. shes then taken to the side of the room and asked to walk across it (back to Derren) and stop at some point, Derren closes his eyes and grasps his hand into a fist at the point he wants her to stop. funnily enough she stops (without being able to see derren) at the point he makes a fist.

She’s then brought back to the side of the room and asked to walk across its entire width. Again, without her seeing Derren makes a fist and she stops, this time unable to move from the spot, and clearly stating that she is ‘stuck’ and ‘unable to move her feet’

So how does this work ? Derren uses (I believe) a number of techniques here;

Interruption of her habitual framework, which in turn leads to a state of hypnosis, Anchoring, and the rest.. is showmanship (or something I call showboating, which is doing something to make it look like your doing it, but your not!)

so lets start at the beginning..

Interruption of her hibitual framework..

you can use something as casual as a handshake to break someone’s thought patterns, and to alter their state. Is is essentially a surprise that interrupts a subject’s habitual framework to initiate a momentary confusion. A receptivity for clarifying suggestions is thus initiated with an expectancy for further stimuli and direction. in basic terms to confuse their brain.. and their brain has no habitual response.. it doesnt know what to do.. and I suppose in technical terms ‘crashes’.

Derren doesnt use a handshake here, he uses an audible version of this, coupled with some NLP the conversation was something along the lines of;

‘right.. Put your hand up and push against mind and look at teh light from the window and look at the window. its late november its only 29 stopping days till christmas, stopping days that, and your stopping for gift and into the stopping fillers your putting the gifts that your brought the stopping days that your had and the window its bright and all the time your stopping with the window and the gifts on the Right thanks come over here now..’

now the conversation was fast and if you read it very disjointed and confusing… the words shop and shopping are swapped for stop, and stopping, this would confuse her brain even if she didnt know about it… what hes doing here is using Milton Ericksons techniques to put her into a hypnotic state and open to suggestion. Hes also Anchoring the window, with the idea of stopping. He swaps very fast and almost mid sentance and agin confusing the brain.

Everything else here is pure showmanship. she is already conditioned to stop at a point (funnily enough the point she was stood on during the conditioning), he would have then counted the steps she took from there to where he starts her walking from, the floor is a wooden one and creates very loud audiable noises as someone walks over it…

Even with his eyes closes he can recount the steps and tell when shes on the same spot again. just before she gets there he can make a fist and she herself will stop (showboating!). She is more than likely also stuck here, but as yet doesnt know.. Derren calls her back and again the wording is important here ‘yes you can come back here now, turn around and you can walk back’ NOT ‘if you’d like to come back’ or ‘please come back’. He’s giving her instructions and saying she CAN come back.

The second time round he doesnt say this when she stops, and therefore she cannot move, her mind believes and in following the instruction to STOP. Derren says ‘now I told you to walk right across the floor, so what happened, why have you stopped?’

To release her its a simple ‘yes you can.. do it.. look you can move your feet’

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  1. stuart says:

    thanks for your explanation …it is simply amazing 🙂 …but is there a possibility you could tell how he made her stop the woman on the street. this seems kind of …i don’t know …impossible? 🙂

  2. Ian says:

    Cheers for that! Thats the best thing I have ever seen when she stops the woman out of the window. How does he do that?

  3. DK says:

    The same technique was used on her by Derren earlier. She was made to stop, and when she heard the noise of her alarm (which Derren had set, by using other techniques) , she’d have to walk to the spot where Derren performed it on her, from where Derren had made her fall into her trance (under the bridge) . Derren timed it, so when he finished doing the trick in the room, the woman outside would walk again, and stop,until her alarm on her watch stopped, at which point she’d walk again.

  4. Xman says:

    Of all the incredible stunts we see Derren perform on TV, how many stunts that he attemps DO NOT work? We only see the successes, but what about his failures?

  5. Andrew says:

    if you understand the fact that this is magic misdirection and showmanship you’ll understand event if it goes wrong… theres still an end effect…. if you also check the dvd’s you’ll see some non hits are left in there…

  6. Ben says:

    You do see some of his failures at the end credits of mind control, though

  7. Adama says:

    The part where the lady stops outside, that one I do believe is a set up.. remember, Derren says he uses “showmanship”, so technically he’s NOT lying about stooges, because by stooges he means the people he’s directly interacting with. You’ll notice the woman that the subject picks is wearing an orange cap.. it COMPLETELY stands out amongst everything and everybody else.. Derren either snuck some reference to the color into his trance conversation with her at some point, or it was done of camera, OR he just ran the assumption she would choose that particular woman because of the way the cap stands out, and it would actually be a pretty safe bet. The subject was already in a state of confusion about what happened, and nervous about what was GOING to happen, so her mind would have just chosen the easiest thing, which was something that completely stood out from everything else, ie the orange cap on a rainy dark day. This is where I believe the setup is, the woman has an earpiece, and somebody in the building with Derren and the subject lets the lady know when the subject has said stop, and when to turn and look at the window. If you’ll notice when the cameras run up to her afterwards, the lady doesn’t ONCE ask “what is this? what the hells going on? who are you?”, which most of us certainly would. Right as they run up to her, there’s no cuts or edits, so you can obviously see the lady doesn’t ask these questions right up front. The original blogster is absolutely correct in how the first part of the trick worked out.. Derren counted the number of steps, or even just timed it (which I did.. she walks for 4 seconds both times before she stops), and just pretends like he’s actively making her stop. Absolutely love Derren, love watching him work, love the shows, he’s very very good at this stuff.

  8. Len says:

    My wife and I noticed that when Derren uses his hands, he passes subliminal messages to his subjects. On one show, he asked a woman to tell the time without looking at her watch. The time was 3:00PM and three times he signaled with his left thumb and pointer finger at a right angle in which the thumb represented the hour hand and the pointer finger the minute hand. The woman saw 3:00PM from his hand. Another example was one in which he asked someone to guess what letter he was writing on a piece of paper out of the subjects sight. While “thinking” of the letter he said audibly “Mmmmm” and then wrote “M” on the paper. The subject guessed “M” due to hearing his audible cue. One episode, he asked a college student to gues the card in his pocket. Again, he flashed his hand in the air across his chest and then down at an angle to his waist to sign “7” then placed both his hands as a fist over his heart and made a slight pumping movement. The subject “saw” the “7” and then “saw” the sign for “heart” and guessed correctly “7 of hearts”. I enjoy the entertainment he provides and enjoy trying to figure out his techniques. Did anyone else catch these subtle hand gestures?

  9. seventoes says:

    This stuff is so fascinating to me.. anyone know any books or other reading material about it? I’d love to get some more info..

  10. Gemma jones says:

    derren uses psychology if you buy books about mind psychology and the brain you will start to nderstand how powerful we can each minipulate ppl with years of practice it is very difficult and requires passion,high intelligence and good academic research to test the methods pick them up and understand the psychology and use it like derren does.

  11. dave says:

    Interesting stuff here, though I think some people may be buying bit too readily into the whole psychology angle. Derren says this is how he is doing his tricks, but we must be aware that that could simply be another piece of misdirection and showmanship. Sometimes he seems to explain or show how he’s done something, but I think we should be very sceptical of these explanations. In the end, he’s a showman, and it’s about deceiving the audience and creating a compelling image – the image of some kind of master of human psychology is what has made him a huge success, but some of it may be just that, an image. Consider for example, how much room for error there would be with some of the techniques expressed above. Even if holding your hands in a certain position, or slipping a word into a sentence, does subconsciously put that idea into someone’s head, that still doesn’t mean you can be almost certain they’ll say it. Yet Derren has to be just about certain, especially for his live shows.

    And the trick he did on tuesday night – asking people in the audience to think of a question, and he blindfolded himself and then picked them out and knew their question – I can’t see how that is possible even with a full mastery of complex psychological techniques. There must be something else involved.

  12. melanie says:

    i love derren..the whole mind manipulation is fascinating…..

  13. Luke says:

    In response to Len the guessing the letter “trick”- Watching it on TV he says that its an obvious way to make people say what he wants them to say. If you were there having it done to you you wouldnt even notcie and pass it off as a natural habit. He is not a mind reader nor can he make people read minds, its the power of suggestion and peoples ease of being influeced that makes it interesting.

    For me its not a “trick/magic” show, i look at it more like a documentary on peoples suception. We are unconciously influenced by everything around us just dont realise it, that why what he does works. For example the telling the time thing, she just saw his hand movements of a way of him being elaborate of what she should see but her unconscious mind thinks its a clue therefore it guesses what clues it has whereas your concsious mind doesnt believe that something could be so obvious therefore chooses to believe its a “trick” or “magic” etc

    I have no bad word to say about him and have had a “trick” performed on myself so understand that no stooges are used etc, looking back at what happened i realise how it happened mainly from looking into the psychology of people and derrens methods of doing things.

    Going to see him in May and cant wait!!!

  14. Marie says:

    I would love to know how to persuade my boss to give me a pay rise? I hadn’t had one for 4 years and after months of asking for one verbally, I finally wrote a letter. (apprx 18 months ago) He was not impressed but I got the rise! He hasn’t really forgiven me and he’s shown it by being moody and making it very unomfortable. He’s give a colleague a rise this year although she works less days, she now gets more money and hasn’t been there for as long as me, 3 years as opposed to my 10 years. It’s obvious I’m not teachers pet, but how can I get him to give me a rise in the style of Derren Brown?

    Help any advice apart from leave and get another job, (I think that is what he wants me to do) or not give him that pleasure and get him to treat me fairly after years of hard work and loyalty. I’d definitley try it out!!! Look into my eyes……………….

  15. Glen says:

    Brillient Marie, I hope you find out how and get your raise. Do it every 6 months after 🙂 you deserve it. Im with you dave. With no stooges, guessing or knowing sex, age, star sign, and a question whilst blindfolded is simply amazing. how could he pick that up in a few words. OR how could he put that out to the participents durin the show subliminaly? just jaw dropping stuff. the table must be a reg trick, still v v good (post if you know how) and the rest just outstanding.

    It just shows although our brains are vast, complicated, ingenious, magnificent and powerful. How easily they can be tricked if you know how. Makes you think about the programs, adverts and movies we think we are so innocently watching to pass time… or we stick our kids infront of to shut em up. what may be being programmed we cant poss be aware of.

    Love derren. Clever man and great to watch

  16. Kes says:

    Marie, you need to try and build up a rapport with your boss. It seems like he feels slightly annoyed by the previous rise whether you deserved it or not (I’m sure you did); he may have felt pressured into giving you one! The obvious potential difficulty is the fact you may have nothing in common with him. Look at the way your colleague acts and works; try and identify the reason for her pay rise. When you see him, appear friendly and warm (not over the top).

    Everyone has a certain level of influence over the ones that they know, regardless of how small that influence may be. The key to getting something you may want is to improve your influence over them. This involves building trust with them. In asking for a raise, make sure you have good justifications for it. Don’t beg, the key here is to make it seem like your boss owes you. At the same time, do you go over the top. Talk to your boss!

    Make gentle conversation at the right times. Make them quick conversations at that. Show your interest in how everything is going; deep down people love to share problems that they have. This is all part of building rapport. People like those who have things in common. This doesn’t mean their interests, but more about their actions/body movement and the way they speak. Try and pick up these bits and use them yourself. Always be confident, eye contact and body movement are essential. Once you have built rapport with someone it becomes easier for them to trust you.

    Next, it would be advisable to make him know about the work that you do subtley (e.g I’ve just completed this batch of orders, it took a while but it PAID off. I TRUST this should be to your liking). Seem happy even when your work load is heavy and the tasks you have are difficult. You should justify why you’re making a contribution towards his/her goals and that the amount of work that you do is above what is expected. If you need to, take on extra work. Do not ask for anything yet. Now comes the tricky part.

    While talking to your boss try making positive suggestions and use an anchor each time your boss REACTS to something positive (that you may have said). An anchor can be to allow the suggestive effect to be ‘built up’ over time with rapport, becoming an extremely strong suggestive technique. That person will learn to subconciously associate that anchor with something positive. This could be as subtle as a sweep of the hand across the face or through the use of a particular word (e.g sure, absolutely, etc). When the time is right, address him confidently, giving a well rehearsed talk, using anchors. It is important not to sound SUGGESTIVE/WANTING, but to sound COMMANDING and FACTUAL (this does not mean be rude, it means don’t use phrases like ‘I think I deserve’ or ‘It would be nice to have’, ‘I would like’). Make it quick, summarise your points and then end with a SUGGESTIVE phrase such as ‘I understand that its a tough time for the company/organisation, but I (insert anchor word [am SURE/ENSURE/I’ve already JUSTIFIED, my role, FIRMLY within the company and have continued to ACCEPT extra work, to better the company], perform anchor movement). In your talk, look honestly into his/her eyes (don’t stare). If you KNOW you will get a raise, you WILL get one.

    I hope it all works out for you.

  17. Oli says:

    I agree, Derren is amazing.
    If you go on Amazon there are some books, for example Derren Brown: Trick of The Mind, An Introduction to NLP, and Magic of the mind.
    This is an introduction to the type of thing Derren does, however you must remember that a lot of what he can do is because of who he is. Yes he can learn tricks, but his personality and humour is a lot of what makes the show. However you cant take away any due credit, Derren is incredible at what he does.
    It is what is called Pop Psychology, so a book into deep psychology will explain how people behave but its more theoretical, you are better off trying to find a book about NLP, (Neurolinguistic Programming) or Hypnotism, as you will find this will be a quicker way to being able to do similar tricks. The one I still havent figured out from an evening of wonders is when he has the piece of paper at the end predicting all the show?!?!

  18. Steve says:

    So many people seem convinced that Derren uses mind control techniques when in fact its just one big smoke screen. Dont get me wrong, what he does is very clever but what he uses to achieve his effects are standard magic methods. Part of the misdirection in his performances is that he constantly gives explanations in terms of being able to manipulate people or read their body language. This is not the case at all but everyone is so convinced he has these abilities that they do not look beyond them for the real method. If you want to be able to do what Derren does then dont waste your time reading about body language or NLP but get yourself down to your local magic shop and buy a few books on mentalism.

  19. Martyn says:

    Oli, the ends of his shows depends on decisions made from selecting something from a group. Whether it be people with numbers strapped to them or cards with letters or newspapers – it’s all multi-choice that can be easily suggested. I’m not sure which show is ‘an Evening of Wonders’, but at the end of I think it was Something Wicked This Way Comes, the end was decided by an audience member choosing the newspaper Daily Mail. On the DVD it shows that he is talking and saying “all the things that we choose daily, mail (may all) be influenced…”. This is one of the few examples of suggestion in slow, conscious non-instructive talk. Normally though, he probably slips things in when he is instructing people to do things and talking incredibly fast. I’ve seen ENIGMA and when he instructs someone I just lose track and wait and see what happens. The person says that they understand, naturally to avoid making a scene, and probably tricks himself into accepting what Derren slipped in (<– 😀 innuendo).

  20. Josh says:

    OMG!!I just watched his new show The Events he just predicted the Lottery LIve i cant believe i appluaded the television

  21. Jannike says:

    I think people have a skewed view of psychology, and many believe it is glamorous and exciting. I have studied psychology at A level for two years, and trust me, there is nothing glamorous or exciting about it. Psychologists cannot read peoples minds or influence peoples behaviour; they can only find answers through controlled experiments. Reading a book about psychology will not help in the least with understanding what Derren Brown does, and please dont get psychology mixed up with magic tricks.

  22. Jamie says:

    I have just read an article from Paul Daniels about how he knows 99 ways that Derren did the lottery trick… Yeah right! So how come he never did it himself… His answer? Because he didnt want to upset the BBC….. His answer is as cheesey as his out of date tricks. God knows how Derren does these tricks but he is certainly pushing the bounderies of magic and illusion well into the 21st century…. I am fascinated by his tricks and it is much more thought provoking than sawing Debbie Magee in half!!!!

  23. Bob K says:

    Watched Derren Brown last night. I liked the way he selected the 5 most suggestible victims from 10 randoms from the audience. Basically they were auditioned to see if they could control the movement of a pendulum by mere thought, obviously choosing those who made the greatest involuntary movements. My wife, who is currently training in hypnotherapy, could appreciate this. He then convinced the remaining 5 that their minds were controling the movement of a table without applying perceptible force. If he had only used four volunteers it is possible that the balance of opposites would have resulted in the table staying in the same place? However, we have agreed to differ on whether the mind can physically levitate a table, which was a subsequent trick. I cant understand how a woman of her intelligence and experience can believe that the mind can control an external physical object. See you in the Divorce Court, Derren, unless someone can tell me how he performed that illusion!!!

  24. mikeen bother says:

    in my opinion,Derren Brown is a genius!i dont even want to begin to understand how he does what he does,but just wish to enjoy his entertainment!some mysterious things should remain a mystery,such as magic or whatever derren browns act is classed as,as it is the mystery that maintains the excitement!

    if you are sceptical then dont bother watching it at the end of the day!if your confused then dont even bother trying to work it out,just watch and enjoy!

  25. mike says:

    and by the way,my names mike not mikeen bother!lol,had a bit of typing error

  26. Kassie says:

    I have to disagree with what Jannike has posted about psychology not being exciting. Studying A-level psychology isnt enough for you to be reaching a general conclusion on how exciting psychology is as a whole. A-level psychology is just a tip of the iceberg of each subject studied (also depending on your examination board). Psychology is only unexciting for someone who doesnt possess passion for it, as is the same for any other subject.

  27. Lew! says:

    Both Kassie and Jannike have a point. What i think jannike is trying to say is that there are vast preconceptions about psychology to which people attribute mind control and just general stereotypes like that, i think studying A-Level psychology is hardly a fair basis to evaluate psychology as a whole because, lets be honest, its childs play.
    Derren Brown is fantastic, regardless of how he accomplishes his experiments i think we can safely say the man is a legend. I also think its kind of cheap to say that his success is just a basis of magic-tricks. I think were all a bit grown up enough to understand there is no such thing as magic, but instead exists science, suggestion and misdirection. Comparing pulling a rabbit out of the hat and using vastly complex suggestive techniques to alter individuals behaviour is a bit different.
    I would give anything to meet him and understand his techniques!! am i right?

  28. Annmarie says:

    I love DB but was disappointed with the lottery trick, if only he had shown his balls before they were called, but of course he could not as he didnt really predict anything.

    Bob K – if you want to know about the table look up the Losander floating table, it is a special table made for that trick something to do with anti gravity.

  29. Duncan says:

    yes Annmarie the lottery trick was essentially a tv camera trick, all the padding with some of the gullible members of the team willing the balls were there to give an alternative and false explanation.

    Although DB always claims that no stooges were used, you have to face the fact that many of the tricks would be easy to pull off if the target was in on the trick. This is television and the best advice i can give about anything that comes from it, is to be very skeptical and not believe anything. This is entertainment not science!

    There was a illusionist tv show in the 1970’s called The Amazing World of Kreskin, he claimed not to use stooges, however later it was revealed that he did indeed use actors in the audience.

    DB has taken things further and he is very good at what he does. One thing is clear though like any good hypnotist knows, you have to choose your subject carefully as many people would not be influenced by his cues.

  30. Sexy Chick! says:

    I agree with Len he does givehand signals but I think hes great!

  31. Andy T says:


    I’m a big fan of Derren’s and have been for quite a few years (since he very first appeared on C4 with ‘Mind Control’).

    What’s interesting is that my opinion used to be just like yours, that “Derren uses a number of techniques to get the response he needs from subject. These include, but are not limited to, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Cold Reading, Suggestion, Waking Hypnosis, body language, behavioural trends (eye movement, muscle reading and more)”.

    Well, Derren is a great entertainer, an exceptionally intelligent and a fantastic artist. He is certainly well-versed in all of the above techniques, but I think what you should realise, first and foremost, is that Derren is a MAGICIAN. What he does are conjuring tricks, of the kind that have been done for hundreds of years. What Derren does exceptionally well is to wrap them up in excellent presentation and showmanship. He uses psychology and all the other areas mentioned above as the context for what he does. They’re the ‘decoration’, the ‘wrapping’, whatever you want to call it. They are NOT the main way he achieves his effects.

    The guy is a fantastic magician and entertainer, but let’s all realise he’s not a superhuman psychological genius or anything else. He’s a clever, well-practiced stage magician who presents his effects in a certain way. That’s all 🙂

  32. julie says:

    ok, everything here is very interesting…could someone please explain to me the tricks with the coin in the box with the inscription on it in the show ENIGMA ? ( when he asks someone who lost one of his or her grandparents to come on stage…) Thanks!! This guy is just amazing!!

  33. Sean Edwards says:

    Derren Browns is a brilliant phsycological illusionist, many poeple are baffled and or intreaged by his predicting and controling of human behavour. Mr Brown uses many techniques and methods in his work, which all use and include phsycoligy. To replicate or explaine these methods or techniques you will probably need to have studied or understand phsycoligy and human behavour.

    Suprisingly, some of his methods are farely easy to replicate and explain, such as ‘wich hand’ Fourtunately this doesn’t use much phsycological skill. What Derren does is this: He tells the person(s) he is “going to try and influence which hand” they put the coin (small object) in. Whilst he is telling the person(s) what hand the can put it in. e.g: “you can put the coin in your LEFT that’s your LEFT not my LEFT, or you can put it in the other hand” because he told them he would try to influence them, they would listen out for any signals on his part, so because he influenced the word left, the fast majororty would try to catch him out by putting the coin in their right hand.

  34. luketti says:

    has anyone ever thought that derren may actually be physhic. i mean i dont believe in mind reading or mediums , but the things derren does are so incredible tht one of the only explanation is that he is physchic. and if he is then he must be the cleverest man ever . because noone who claims to be physchic ever becomes famous as noone believes in them. whereas derrenhas become one of the most famous performers in britain

  35. Stephen says:

    I have performed mentalism for a number of years, and use a wide array of techniques that are very similar to Derrens.
    Luketti: Uri Geller is without a doubt the worlds most famous psychic and world wide has a much larger following.

    What Derren does is a mixture of genuine psychology and traditional magic tricks. However, he forgets to tell you which is which. Most of the time when he claims genuine psychology is at work, its not. If he doesnt give an explanation for how he does something, then its normally hypnotism/suggestion in play.

    However he does his tricks, there are two reasons he is such a sucsess in Britain today. Firstly the very clever way he puts his tricks together, he uses techniques from hundreds of years ago, but dresses them up in a new and impressive way. More importantly than that is his showmanship, in that reguard there are very few equals in the magic world.

  36. Fernando says:

    Extremely inspiring. It’s amazing what can be done when we put our minds to it.:)

  37. Michael Moosah says:

    He is simply amazing. He seems to get everything right! I’m guessing he has a 50% failure rate which is not shown on camera (like ‘the system’)?

  38. Rose says:

    just watched the one where derren is talking to simon pegg and he says to simon you could have a bmx or an xbox, instead of something you dont want like a car or an xbox. basically telling him that the only good thing in the situation was a bmx and therefore he was tricked into thinking thats what he wanted. its amazing how he slips these things into conversation though 🙂

  39. francis says:

    Please can anyone tell me how derren brown does his childhood memory trick.please

  40. David Parker says:

    Great insight post to one of my personal favorite magicians. I love Stephen’s reply becauses it’s so dead on. I’ll read both of Derren’s books and have seen about all his shows thanks to youtube. Derren is the most important magicians performing today. Very clever, GREAT showmanship and even fools me. Oh and if Paul Daniels says he know I believe he does in fact know the solution but who cares. Derren Brown is a master of the artform he has made and I and many others I sure just enjoy what he brings to the art.

  41. makka says:

    Some of us are more influenced than others. Derren sugested to the audience at one of his shows that when listening to some music some may be forced to rise out of their seats. When the music was played this happened to a handful of people. Now you can say they were more suggestible if you like but they are obviously people who will do anything to get on TV. Stage hypnotists ‘select’ who they think are more likely to perform off stage before they are presented to their audience and all they then have to do is conduct some very attention seeking idiots. Stage hypnosis is fake. What Derren does is amazing, whether he uses any methodology or trickery or not. To say it’s purely a magic act is ludicrous. AND THE PERSON WHO MENTIONS URI GELLARIS CLEARLY BARKING MAD. Uri is the biggest fake ever. He uses pre-bending of spoons, suggestion and self indulgent promotion of himself. The man has made am entire career out of a bending techique that most people could do with a little practice. He is neither psychic, mystical or SANE! Listening to the man ramble away like David Icke should be enough to convince anyone that this man believes his own hype to the point of insanity and dillusion.

  42. I watched him on tv tonight in the theatre and i noticed every time he nods suggestively when speaking even if blindfolded. Definitely suggestion involved but he is immensely clever. If he wasn’t there would be a lot more people doing it. So lets just enjoy as there will always be questions whether an illusionist, majician or showman like Derren!

  43. Cristi says:

    Derren Brown is totally fascinating and a great entertainer, but I’m sure he himself would agree that it’s just that, although, I’m wondering about suggestion tecniques: what about people who are resistant? ie those difficult to hypnotise, etc? I’m sure I couldn’t be…I have enough trouble getting to sleep as it is, despite trying all sorts of mind training, exercises, etc…
    However, nothing detracts from his mind boggling ability: he’s obviously very talented!!! X C

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