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We put more food out tonight, and it seems that the starting time for feeding for our hedgehogs starts about 10pm.

Tonight we saw the first black shape darting down the patio towards the food. After about 5 minutes he darted off as a larger hedgehog headed in for food.

According to ‘’ your lucky to have one, let alone 2, or 3 or 4 as it seems in our case.

The smaller hedgehog hid behind the strawberry pot while the larger one fed on the food and took some of the water we’ve put out.

After a while the second one wandered off, as yet another even smaller dark shape headed down the patio towards the saucers of food.

At this rate we’re going to have the fattest hedgehogs in the neighbourhood!!

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Well, after discussions with the vet it seems that the new hedgehog isnt quite ready for rehoming yet, so our resident ones going to have to wait for a bit before he gets a new friend.

Although we have a massive garden, each hedgehog can roam up to 10 gardens, not quite sure on what size of garden you base that but it means that we’re going to have to count and control the number of spikey vistors to make sure we dont over populate!

It also seems that Custard Creams (surprise surprise) are not staple food for hedgehogs, somewhat like beer and cigarettes I guess!!

So we’ve invested in a catering size bag of Spikes Dinner. Spikes dinner is a specially made alternative to cat food (the correct stuff to feed your garden hedgehog!). It comes in a nice dried form that means it lasts longer and doesnt have that gross gone off meat smell of your house hold cat dinner!

Not to forget the fox, We also got a bag of fox and badger food (Since I’m guessing custard creams are good for them either!)

We’ll see if theres an uproar tonight when we swap biscuits for pellets!!!

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It seems the hedgehogs in our garden have a craving for Custard Cream Biscuits..

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Todays the day six years ago I started at Ardent Software, now Ascential Software.

Its frightening in a way that this is the start of my 7th year at Ascential, the companys changed so much over the last few years, and I’ve seen so many people join the collective family. Its a far cry from the small office in wycombe Ardent used to run out of, 3 people making up the Datastage Presales team.

Its also odd to spend the start of my 7th year completely cut off from the office, although the tradition of buying cakes for everyone for a birthday or joining date would probably cripple me now!!

Heres to many more years, and getting that stock price back to $110!!!

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I got a name check on radio 1. They were asking about famous people you’d seen on holiday.

They thought I had the best with Jim Bowen, The Krankies, and Wayne Sleep in a bar in New York..

oh the memories!!

Update: I added the photo to my flickr photostream..

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Today starts 2 weeks of complete disconnection from the mothership

No email, no phone, no pda, nothing…

Its going to give me time to start sorting out all the things I just haven’t done, all the things I mean to do, and all the things I should do..

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So when does an ipod get too many features ?? Some geek in Japan designed the ultimate iPod mini with every single thing anyone could possibly ever want (or not!!)

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Research In Motion says that they

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‘we can accept that circumstances do not always work out the way we want them to. It is more difficult to accept that failure and poor performance are the result of our own deficiencies, especially when we know that what we were trying to achieve was actually well within our capabilities. We end up feeling that we are prisoners of our own inability to break out of shackles that we have put in place ourselves. Worse we realise that we are actively working to maintain and secure those shackles.’

Mark Forster

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Worried about your Ipod getting eyed up and stolen? Wishing for the music systems of yesteryear?

The answer seems to be Retropod.


The wacky looking case is actually a large 80s Sports Walkman replica which houses your iPod. It’s even possible to hook up a pair of headphones directly to the Walkman. It costs $20 for the DIY version or $100 for an all inclusive including the apparently ‘rare’ WM-F45

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