Worried about your Ipod getting eyed up and stolen? Wishing for the music systems of yesteryear?

The answer seems to be Retropod.


The wacky looking case is actually a large 80s Sports Walkman replica which houses your iPod. It’s even possible to hook up a pair of headphones directly to the Walkman. It costs $20 for the DIY version or $100 for an all inclusive including the apparently ‘rare’ WM-F45

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  1. John Young says:

    Hey, that’s no replica! It’s the real deal, my friend, a gen-u-wyne Sony Sports Walkman manufactured in 1988, a year before the Berlin Wall fell. The guts are removed and sent to a museum, where they are lovingly interred along with other detritus of the late Eighties (rubber bangles, neon wall art.)

    Now, the WM-F45 isn’t rare — it’s living in sock drawers and garage attics all across the Western hemisphere. But they’re hard to buy, it’s true. Hence the low price point on the DIY kit.

    Jeez, wish I’d thought of that “eyed up and stolen” line for my site!

    Best regards,

  2. Andrew says:

    Cheers.. 🙂 I stand corrected… feel free to use the ‘eyed up and stolen..’ – double your sales as a security accessory for your Ipod 😉

    thanks for taking the time to post a comment!!

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