Well, after discussions with the vet it seems that the new hedgehog isnt quite ready for rehoming yet, so our resident ones going to have to wait for a bit before he gets a new friend.

Although we have a massive garden, each hedgehog can roam up to 10 gardens, not quite sure on what size of garden you base that but it means that we’re going to have to count and control the number of spikey vistors to make sure we dont over populate!

It also seems that Custard Creams (surprise surprise) are not staple food for hedgehogs, somewhat like beer and cigarettes I guess!!

So we’ve invested in a catering size bag of Spikes Dinner. Spikes dinner is a specially made alternative to cat food (the correct stuff to feed your garden hedgehog!). It comes in a nice dried form that means it lasts longer and doesnt have that gross gone off meat smell of your house hold cat dinner!

Not to forget the fox, We also got a bag of fox and badger food (Since I’m guessing custard creams are good for them either!)

We’ll see if theres an uproar tonight when we swap biscuits for pellets!!!

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