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So.. not a great start to the day… was involved in a car crash on the way into work this morning.. luckily a bit of hard breaking and inventive steering means hopefully I’m only looking at a new wing.. recovering from the shock of seeing a lorry heading towards you at high speed!! Guess the body shop will be able to shed some light on the damage to my wallet tomorrow… joy!

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I was reading this article on the plane last night..

the Liberty Alliance, a far-reaching body working on identity standards for Web services, has signed up seven new members.

At an event held in Tokyo on Monday it announced Adobe, DAI-Labor, Deny All, M-Tech Information Technology, OpenNetwork Technologies, Senforce Technologies and Telewest Broadband are joining up.

Web services require identity verification for benefits such as single sign-on and while the Liberty Alliance already boasts a range of vendors, non-profit organisations and users, its latest round of backers covers many technology bases, including document and location-aware security.

It is notable the body is now also talking about using its standards for applications such as digital rights management — a vital future area for Microsoft, which holds key ground in the development of web services.

Web services refers to a set of standards based around Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) used to link together software components that bolt together over the internet.

The Liberty Alliance also announced a full-time executive director in the shape of long-time Silicon Valley IT consultant and ex-IBMer Donal O’Shea.

Until now, its ranks have been filled with full-time employees of its member companies.

single signon.. how on earth would or could that work with so many vendors..?

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So it’s 10:38 or 11:38 depending on what time zone you use..

Today started simple, meeting with a new partner in london, teleconference this afternoon. Unfortunately today and starting are the only things that really went according to plan.

I somehow ended up heading for a hotel in sweden, some what of a detour I know.. but emergency customer meeting..

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Tiesto is probably one of my favorite DJ’s alongside Sasha, and BT.

Tiesto played the opening ceremony at the 2004 Athens Olympic games, and today he released The Parade of the Althlete. Very funky, very heavy, very Tiesto! I’d recommend you buy it. Turn it up loud and enjoy..

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Now thats a great statement.. and its taken from a Busines Week article ‘The Seed of Apple’s Innovation’ from their ‘Voices of the Innovators’ series.

According to Jobs, innovation “comes from people meeting up in the hallways or calling each other at 10:30 at night with a new idea, or because they realized something that shoots holes in how we

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So heres an idea, although not so sure in our weather here.. The Solio Solar Charger is probably one of the most clever (and easy) charger out there, attach a cable and press the button, that’s it!


Apparently Using cutting edge thinking from the fields of design, technology and environmental science brings you a product that increases the portability of you portable devices, makes you look cool and helps the environment.

Big claim huh?

Well, the Solio is the smallest solar charger with fully integrated internal battery, basically charge up the Solio and charge your device off the internal battery.

Connection wise it will connect to a wide range of PDA’s, Mobile Phones and even iPods, apparently it will charge your device in the same amout of time as it would normally.

Its a great idea (another one of those thinking outside the box ones..) Although not sure if the UK is really the solar capital of the world!! At only

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I use A9 as my search engine. When I was shopping at Amazon (.com not sure if it applied to which is a bind!) it seems that i get a π/2% discount on all purchases because I use A9 as my search engine..

Andrew Webb, since you’ve been using recently, virtually everything at is automatically an additional π/2% (1.57%) off for you. Collecting this discount is zero effort on your part. It will be applied automatically at checkout (it will happen whether you use the shopping cart or our 1-Click Shopping

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I’m always interested in different ways of doing things, and my eyes (or ears..) have been caught by a few things over the last few weeks. One of those was Podcasting which according to the lastest entry in wikipedia say that;

Podcasting is the creation and aggregation of discrete, downloadable media files. Typically, audio files are created on a computer and then uploaded to a Web server on the Internet. An RSS 2.0 feed with enclosure tags is then amended each time a new media file is published, with a URL linking to each enclosure.

Client software (such as iPodder) is then used to aggregate the RSS feeds, automatically downloading the enclosures and organizing the files based on the user’s preferences. It then puts them in the playlists for your playback device.

The term podcasting is meant to rhyme with broadcasting and is a derivative of the iPod platform. While not directly associated with Apple’s iPod device or iTunes music service, the company did contribute both the desire and the technology for this capability.

Sounds cool huh? Well just like traditional RSS feeds, where you can have your latest news, views and stuff that matters in once place, PodCasting allows the same, but for audio.

Its really a bit like a speaking RSS feed, in fact it is.. Imagine instead of sitting on the train reading your daily news in your RSS reader, you can have it downloaded to your iPod or other lesser MP3 player and listen to it as you’re flying about.

There are quite a few applications and feeds out there already, lists quite a few applications, both mac and windows based, allowing you to aggregate these feeds straight into iTunes etc, as well a pretty complete list of podcasts.

So will PodCasting change our lives? Well Doc Searl said it quite well on his blog; PODcasting will shift much of our time away from an old medium where we wait for what we might want to hear to a new medium where we choose what we want to hear, when we want to hear it, and how we want to give everybody else the option to listen to it as well.

It’ll be an iteresting medium to watch, especially when you think of the demographic that has iPods.. I’m wondering if I should suggest to the company to expand their blog network to incorporate PodCasts..

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Ok.. so women have purses right.. and men that carry those small ‘clutch in the hand’ bags… they’re hand bags right? or purses?

It’s a simple story. Brian, Peter, and Thai were tired of being ribbed for carrying their gadgets in hand bags. The torment reached a boiling point one night when Thai was called a “pursey” at a party. So they got together to design their own gadget bags which were well received and highly complimented on the social circuit. Other guys asked where they could get one and women expressed interest in buying one for their boyfriends and husbands. Thus MAN-n-BAG emerged, dedicated to making bags for men – and men only. So the bottom line is that men dont have hand bags… unless it’s a MAN BAG its a purse!

The FAQ is amusing enough..

Q: I’ve owned MAN-n-BAG for a month now and can’t imagine life without it! I have one question though: Does this mean that I’m gay?

A: There is no link between MAN-n-BAG ownership and sexual orientation. If you’re not sure about your sexual orientation, you might want to read the article here

Obviously just the name means its like a thousand times more manly than a purse…

I’m still not convinced…

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Jonathan Arneault, Ascential’s Strategic Technology Advisor has an interesting post over on The Ascential Blog Network.

The section that caught my eye was..

What had my brain going wasn’t just the geek factor of this. It was that the inventor didn’t stop at the realm of the imaginary. He asked the one question that has pushed forth civilization since the days of Noah. He asked “What if…?”.

There are just so many companys that take a blinkered approach to technology. They all too easily take the ‘Oh we cant do that..’ approach, and dont see technology for what it is.. or more importantly what it CAN be..

One of my pet hates is when people dont use technology, ok there are ways not to use it, and I’m probably guilty of that, but I think personally the best approach is always to think outside the box.

Again going back to the project I worked on with one of our customers, they thought outside the box, they saw the components we had, put two and two together and made five, and then thought of a way to make five equal four.

Our components hadnt been used in that way before, indeed I can remember quite a few people within the company telling me that our components weren’t designed to do this.. but we did it, it worked and its a great application.

We should never be limited by technology, we should never think ‘Its a shame it cant..’ instead we should always be thinking ‘What if it could..’ and ‘How can we make it..’
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