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I found this blog today, its a report by Rick Von Feldt describing first hand what happend when a tsunami hit Phuket on December 26th 2004..

Rick Von Feldt is an American from Topeka, Kansas. He has lived for the last five years in Singapore, working in the IT Industry. He headed to Phuket, Thailand for a 5-day holiday on the beach. Four minutes after his arrival to his beach hotel, the Indian Sea Tsunami hit

The blog, along with photos makes very chilling reading.. over 124,000 people (thats almost one seventh of the population of London) are confirmed dead..

You can donate to the Red Cross South Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Relief fund through Amazon

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Ok, So I’m pretty unorganised.. I’m good at what I do, when I do it right (or so I’m told). I dedicated to what I do, and I believe I put the right things first. However, on the flipside of that, I struggle with getting everything I need done, and it tends to mean I end up only working and having no other time, or just ending up very stressed… I once said I did an 80% job on 70% of my tasks, and thats something I dont like, and of course there wasnt any social or non work time in there…

So I’ve mentioned Mark Forster a number of times in a few posts but I’ve also thought about looking at the David Allen method of ‘Getting Things Done’ or GTD.

I’ve read Marks books and they seems to make perfect sense. I’ve heard about Davids system and read good feedback, especially from Marc Orchant..

So the question is… which should I go with.. I can get personal coaching from both. Mark is in the UK, David is not. I’ve at least read and started to understand Marks system (which is I think very different from GTD)

I’d be interested to know what the GTD system provides, but at the moment gut feel is for Mark…

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So I found this cool and interesting website.. Mappr is an interactive environment for exploring place, based on the photos people take. By adding geographical information to the wealth of photographs found online, it allows new ways of looking at spaces and images. Mappr adds place to pictures.


Mappr takes advantage of the cornucopia of descriptive information provided by Flickr’s users to organize their photos. Flickr is pretty open to access from pretty munch anything you want and Stamen Design provide a great look on well.. America… (shame it doesn’t cover the world!)

Source: Stamen Designs Mappr Project Page

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So Christmas is over.. its odd something you put so much effort into the build up and then its over in a few days.. But its great, and I enjoy the family time at Christmas probably more than anything else.

We spent a great few days with my parents, and I got time to do some (not all) of the things I haven’t had time to do the rest of the year, the only downside of that is that I enjoyed doing it and now I’m spoiled and what to do it more..

..So maybe that my goal for next year… to take more time for myself.. Its exactly what I was saying a while back about escalators its like running really hard up a down escalator and never getting any place..

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Marc Orchant over at The TabletPC Weblog just sent me a Gmail invite following his email to me a few days ago.. Way to go Marc!!

So I’ve just updated all my Trillian installs with the You’ve Got GMail! plugin, and my Konfabulator system with the GmailGeiger Widget.

Oh happy days. This now means I can keep an offsite email account for my web hosting company.

Thanks again Marc!!

Update there seems to be a sourceforge project to allow GMail access via PHP from a blackberry called gmail-mobile this makes life even better since I cant get to any other email from my little black bundle of joy..

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Darn! Marc over at The TabletPC Weblog had 10 Gmail Invites to give away, and all you had to do was post a comment.. and I was sleeping!!

Oh well.. better luck next time I guess!! Oddly though there are 10 accounts going and 9 comments.. If that ones free still… 😉

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So you’ve got your brand new Apple Mac G5, dual processors, nice large cinema displays, and you got AppleCare right? you DID buy AppleCare? Of course you did, AppleCare supports the package you buy from Apple right?

Well no.. not really..

The AppleCare Protection Plan is a uniquely integrated service and support solution that extends the complimentary coverage on your Mac to three years from the computer

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Well, I’m on annual leave now, hence the less than often posting to the blog. I’ve been using the time to do all those things I didnt get time to do the rest of the year.. Including the Christmas Shopping..

Now call me a humbug but I HATE Christmas shopping, its not the fact I dislike the buying of gifts, I love that, its the crowded shops, the getting knocked and bumped, and the ‘sorry sir we dont have any of those left..’

So this year, if you cant get it online.. your not getting it!

I managed to do pretty much 99% of our shopping this year online, and before you wonder, no it didn’t all come from Amazon. There are some pretty good e-commerce sites out there.

Obviously Amazon is one of those. Boots is pretty good as well. Unfortuantly there are some really dire ones, that lost my business just because their sites are either difficult to shop from, or, they just dont have the range, providing only a ‘token’ online effort.

Muji is a great (or bad) example of this. They have next to nothing online that they sell in the shop, the round light I wanted for my sister (sorry can’t show you the link..!) isn’t sold on-line.. The lighting and electrical section covers 10 items (including of the same torces!).

There is absolutely no excuse in these days no to be able to fulfill web orders, applications such as osCommerce provide great order systems for small or large business needs. With the majority of homes now having high speed and always on connections, the business of online ordering is now common place, its a shame alot of businesses still dont see that. I want to be able to order a toaster at 3am!!

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So it’s starting to feel like Christmas now, we almost have all our decorations up, both trees!! The wonderful smell of pine tree is filling our home. Now once I’m on holiday, that’s Christmas starting…

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So Microsoft OneNote 2003 is great (although my OneNote binder is pretty unorganised right now) but its always lacked a few things..

1. I can’t import my old journal notes from the TabletPC Journal Writer
2. I can’t easily print directly into onenote from any application and then ink over the top.

Well theres a OneNote powertoy called OneNote Image Writer which basically sets up a new printer that allows you to print from any application directly into a OneNote section.

You can send the imported image to a new page or pages in a user-definable OneNote section as either a background or foreground image. The output isnt searchable, which is one of OneNotes strengths (especially with ink), but you can mark up with the pen or highlighter.

There are two other OneNote powertoys on Microsofts site.

A ‘send to OneNote from Internet Explorer’, that adds a button to the Standard Buttons toolbar in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Allowing all or selected parts of a Web page to be copied to a new page in OneNote.

A ‘Send to OneNote from Outlook’ that adds a send selected item to OneNote button to the standard toolbar in Microsoft Office Outlook. Again allowing one or more selected e-mail messages from Outlook to new pages in OneNote.

Neither of these I think I really need, since one I dont use internet explorer any more, I use firefox, and two I dont use Outlook for email I use NeoPro, and finally I think the imagewriter toy solves both the above..

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