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test shot of the moonThe moon has always fascinated me, its one of those things that however long you look at it, always looks different and gives you something new and exciting to see . Depending on the time of year, and where the moon is, it can appear large, or small, white, or this quite mesmerising yellow or sepia colour.

I won’t even try to pretend to be a moon expert, but I know that right now the moon is a full moon at 100% of its visibility. Shortly it will move into its waning gibbous, where the moon starts to become hidden, before entering a new moon, where it is completely darkened. I love full moons, there’s just something very special about them, and I always get a great view this time of year from the back of the house, great for watching the hedgehogs and foxes by.

Today’s been incredibly hot with very little cloud cover, and the clouds haven’t closed in this evening, so I decided to try and get some shots of the moon while the conditions were good. Although last nights moon was a lot better to look at, its tonight that I can’t sleep and needed something to occupy my mind.

I’ve been reading a little about how to take photos of the moon, and its not actually as straight forward as it seems, at least not to me. I followed some of these bits of advise to take this photo.

Taken with my 300mm lens I definitely think I need to get a x2 converter for my Canon 350. The tripod, 300mm and cable release help, but they really fall a little short of getting the sort of photo I’d like. I’ve seen some amazing moon shots, but I think I need to go up to about 600mm to get a decent image, this one really isn’t crisp or large enough to really do justice to just how wonderful the moon can look.

So I think I’ll need to add more camera accessories to that ever growing shopping list of toys..

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