IMG_7484Last night we headed out to Stonehenge to have an after hours tour of the stones, and watch the sunset. Normally Stonehenge is only open for a set amount of time per day, and always closes after sunrise and before sunset.

You also can’t get any nearer to the stones than the rope that surrounds the perimeter of the circle, which is ok, but it limits your views, and certainly stops you appreciating the views out of the circle down the avenue, and just generally the amazing aspects of the stones and the circle itself.

We were lucky to have managed to get on a private tour after hours, that also coincided with the sunset. Armed with my camera a few compact flash cards and multiple batteries we headed off.

The tour itself was great, we had our own guide, who knew a lot about the surrounding area and the history of the stones and site, as an archaeologist he was able to really give details on the area, the history and the stones themselves.

At about 8:45 we headed under the road through to the circle itself, and although we should have only had about an hour, we left the circle much later on. The most amazing part of this was being able to walk straight over the ropes into the circle itself, and have pretty much free rein on walking amongst the enormous standing stones.

Whilst we were in the main circle itself, our guide talked about how the stones were erected and how they related to other monuments in the area, and aspects of the landscape (both man made and natural) around the area.

Stonehenge at anytime of the day is eerie, but even more so at sunset, even with the road noise, Stonehenge is quiet and peaceful, and with only about 15 of us in the circle it was even more so.

We played with some divining rods around the circle, trying to find the lay lines that run through the monument, although with my magical background anything can be made to move in a particular direction, Michelle had a little more luck though.

I’m very pleased with the way the photos came out, and I’m very impressed with the ones I took as silhouettes. I would have liked to have taken a tripod, or even a monopod, but I think they are not allowed within the circle itself for obvious reasons..

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    The Stonehenge tour sounds amazing. Is this an organised tour – if so I’d love some contact details or info.

    Congratulations on your engagement.


  2. Chrissie West says:

    I cannot get information form any website about the sunset tours. Can anyone help, please?

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