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I was looking at the merits of moving to MovableType Version 4 the other day, and Andy pointed out the fact that WordPress already had many of the features of MT4.

This prompted me to look at what WordPress had to offer, and I have to say the whole admin side of WP2.2 is great. I particularly liked the Widgets and the drag and drop configuration. not to mention to seamlessly simple installation (and yes it did take about five minutes like it says!).

The import from MovableType was also pretty straight forward, although I’ve lost the post ID’s which means alot of the linked in sites wont see the correct posts anymore (they will get redirected to the homepage or in some of the more popular links, get redirected to the correct post via .htaccess rewrites)

WP also seems a lot quicker than MT, even with a large number of pings to sites, and posting seems much much quicker, the theme side is simpler than MT’s and actually appears to work!!

So you’ll see I’ve now converted over the a full WordPress site hosted on my servers, you’ll have to keep with me on any small hiccups and missing links, it might be a good idea of update any feeds (although I think I’ve correctly coded the rewrite mods in .htaccess to ensure you dont have to update your feeds).

Some of the other features of my old site need adding in (like the Plazes map, lastFM and Google AdSense), but basically it should be working.. (well if you see this post… it’s obviously up and running!!)

have fun and keep reading!!!

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