IMG_4363So I actually did make both the London Mentalism Meeting and Marvellous Festival at Wellington Country Park yesterday. It was a bit of a rush though…

The London Mentalism Meeting was fantastic, about 30ish people turned up in the end, and we had a long discussion around mentalism, performance and the like in a little room under Treadwell’s bookshop.

The afternoon started with an introduction of everyone that was attending, before we took a break for lunch (sandwiches supplied!!), during that time I met up with quite a few interesting people, and we discussed some of the aspects of the art I’ve been having trouble with (like how do I practice this stuff really!?!) and listened to their stories and advice on getting into it all. I also managed to hook up with a few new, and some old acquaintances during the day.

After lunch we started to perform. I didnt (obviously!) but I did chip in a few ideas of some peoples stuff, and suddenly got that buzz again from thinking about stuff and coming up with new ways to get to an effect. My mind did start to wander a bit into other effects once the seed was sown, and I did come away with lots of notes and ideas on things to peruse later on..

At five o’clock we had to leave treadwells, most of us headed off for drinks and food, but myself and Dale Shrimpton decided to jump into a cab and head back to Paddington. There was an outside chance that I could also make it to Wellington Country park to Marvellous.

I did actually just manage to get home, changed and call a Taxi with a bit of time to spare. Bizarrely my local taxi company I use for the airport and local trips seems to have ‘upgraded’ me, in that when I go to the airport I get a BMW or Mercedes, then I go into the station I used to get a normal run of the mill car, however lately I’m always seeming to get a BMW or Mercedes regardless. So it was interesting to get one to drop me down at the festival!! I was waved straight through the barriers to almost as close as you could get to the stage.. I’m sure they thought I was the last act arriving late!!!

I was met at the gate by Colin and we got down to our pitch of the field to enjoy the rest of the acts (in fact I think I only missed the first and part of the second art!). I then enjoyed the rest of the evening drinking, eating and dancing with my close friends and my fiancee.. was a wonderful day..

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