Very few new things happen in the magic world, if you look back, pretty much any effect can be traced back to it’s roots in the original tomes of magic. David Copperfield’s right hand man Chris Kenner, Aaron Fisher, Lee Asher, and others say they have come up with something new.. something that breaks the mould of magic, and they are running a little ‘treasure hunt’, well I say little, because at the moment it’s actually using up most of the various magic forums on the internets bandwidth in discussions, so little is probably the wrong word for it..

The site runs new videos each Monday evening, seemingly innocent, the videos are full of quick flashes of numbers, binary and hex, hidden clues, hints and links onto other parts of the site.

It’s becoming a little bit like the Da Vinci Code for magicians, with the clues becoming ever more cryptic and complex.

So far nine pages have been uncovered; The Main Page, The Buck Twins Footage, The Las Vegas, Via Del, Via Del Nord, 444, Phantoms, Vasari, VIII, Darkness, and Light

For those wanting to watch frame by frame the various video’s can be found at the following locations: (you’ll need an adobe flash video FLV player) – I’ll move these to viddler at some point..

Main page Vid 1 Asher Main page Vid 2 Bucks Main page Vid 3 Kenner Main page Vid 4 Fisher Main page Vid 5 White Bucks hidden Vasari Chris Kenner bloopers VIII Anonymous Coin vid Phantoms Asher hidden Darkness Darkness/Light Houchin Video

People have also confirmed that following ringing the number obtained from some of the clues, they got phone calls back from Kenner with more clues, and some have received signed Jerrys Nuggets (cards!) and signed copies of Magicman Examiner..

I also have a complete copy of the site thats been exposed so far on a machine at home, hoping for some more ideas (some clues have been found in the HTML source)

So why Theory11 ?? Well in magic there are ten theories of magic:

Production, Vanish, Transposition, Transformation, Multiplication, Penetration, Restoration, Suspension, Levitation, Mentalism

Whatever is.. (which the assumption is that it’s some sort of underground magic store) the wait is over at 11 on the 31st of August 2007..

I’ll keep updating as I go but at the moment I’m stuck on ‘The Username is the beginning, the password is unknown…’ (which found by playing the audio section of the darkness and light videos backwards) and what the book ‘ A team of Rivals’ (ISBN – 0684824906 ) has to do with this…

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    nice post man, ive read u in the cafe. im also covering the theory11 thing in my blog. take a look. ill add you to my blogroll (hope u do the same) 😉

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