IMG_2442.JPGSo its exactly one year until our wedding. Which really should be quite frightening, but in a way to be honest, I’ve never felt more relaxed and certain about anything in my life.. This feels perfect, right and what we’re meant to be doing..

The 28th of May 2007 was when I asked Michelle to marry me, on, or rather under the Pont Alexander III bridge in Paris. It seems that the only one shocked about it all was her, everyone else was expecting it, and wondered why it took us so long!! But that day was very special, and probably one of the happiest days of my life.

It’s a wonderful thought to know that by this time next year, we’ll be married, and sat down with the people and friends that matter to us. Those people that have been on our long and interesting trip through life since the end of 2005.

I can definitely say that since meeting Michelle I’ve done more, seen more people, enjoyed life more, and been more me, than ever before in my life. It’s clear from the photos of us that I have found my soul mate. Michelle is my best friend, and never ceases to stop encouraging me in everything I do, and is always my rock, confidant and advisor, as well as the person I trust most in the world. Even through we only met at the end of 2005, and started seeing each other on January 2006. It feels like I have known her forever, but the last year and a half have flown by, but I have more memories and have had more fun that I can imagine.

It will be an honor for me to become her husband, and I hope that I can give her everything she deserves over the rest of my life… I’ll see you at the altar in 365 days Michelle… x

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  1. Andy Piper says:

    This is fantastic, and a delight to read.
    Your makes me remember how quickly we ended up getting married (after getting engaged). It’s our anniversary tomorrow. I couldn’t be happier 🙂

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