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So 2007 was yet another year in a few year period of huge change, excitement, and positivity for me. The start of 2007 seems just yesterday, and looking back at my post from New Year 2007 life’s been just as exciting and fulfilling the last year as well.

We started 2007 in a hot tub at Wilderness Farm, surrounded by friends, drinking champagne in cuffs and a bow tie, and I started to enjoy going to concerts.. starting off with the Fratellis, at the Brixton Academy, and moving onto Faithless at Nottingham.

We saw Alegria at the Royal Albert Hall, enjoyed snow in February, even being able to take my nephew out on his sled, and making snowmen. We re-lived eating fish and Chips on the beach, and started walking again, taking some nice round tours of Virginia Water, Sonning, Henley, and Windsor.

We enjoyed a great break away touring Avebury, Glastonbury, and Cheddar and Wookey, stopping at The Thatched Cottage in Shepton Mallet. We saw Mama Mia and the Kylie Exhibition in London, enjoying one of our favorite off the wall places to eat as well. We also headed into London to see Spamalot for my birthday.

Work wise this year, I’ve passed my SOA solution designer certification and headed out to Disneyland Paris, to attend TLE , and we both enjoyed a romantic, exciting and wonderful weekend when we stayed on in Paris over our anniversary, seeing the show at the Moulin Rouge, the Notre Dame, and even meeting friends on the steps of the Sacré-Coeur.

But without question the happiest moment of 2007 was when I asked Michelle if she’d be my wife, and thankfully after a lot of crying and disbelief (on her part), she said yes..

I also did my first wedding shoot, for our friends Lynn and Graham at their wedding, and understood the responsibly and pure stress that taking someone’s once in a lifetime photos provides, I decided after that to maybe keep to things that didn’t move, by doing a sunset shoot at Stonehenge.

2007, like every other year has given us a huge number of exciting and different things we’ve enjoyed, and since me and Michelle will be spending the rest of our lives together, I gave her an insight into what I’d look like when I was old and past it when we went to the Spice 18th Birthday party, and pretended we were rich and extravagant by pigging out on Champagne and Puddings for charity. We’re lucky to have such great friends, and it’s wonderful to remember how we’ve partied with friends at Marvelous Festival and returned to Center Parcs in longleat, as well as Halloween. Whilst still enjoying new places like Bantry Bay and Ballylickey in Ireland with Jo and Dave.

It was good to get back to Magic as well, heading to the International Magic Convention, doing more magic wise, reading more, and still trying to get more practice in..

Throughout the year, I’ve been lucky enough to have Michelle by my side, my rock and support, and hopefully hers as well. I’m lucky to have enjoyed almost two years of having her in my life, and the pleasure, excitement and fulfillment she’s brought me. This year, 2008, is the year that I’ll be married man and without a doubt. I think that will be the most memorable, important and pleasurable moment in that, and any other year.

My resolutions last year was to try and make each day special for me and Michelle, to love her more than yesterday and less than tomorrow, to never take for granted what I have, and to always remember how lucky I am… I think I have managed that.. and for this year to come.. to build on what I have, remember what I have, and what I could lose, and to think about what I do, before I do it, and of course to love my wife to be more and more as we share, enjoy and live our life together.

Happy New Year..

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