David Sousa’s lecture was around, I think, stage craft. Although it was Davids first lecture in English, and his first lecture outside portugal, the lecture was a little bit confusing. What David was basically explaining was very good advice: Watch and consider your angle and visibility to your audience when performing on stage.He spent a good 10 minutes running through large flip sheet drawings of Audience to Performer location diagrams, with angles and measurements.

This section really started to feel like a maths lesson, as 90 degree, 180, and 140 degree view points were discussed. Unfortunately a large number of the audience started to leave part way through, and David tried to pull them back with showing more effects, that then personally just confused me more about what was going on.

A White to Black Dice transposition failed because the effect hadn’t been setup, after setup, it was then shown as almost a throw away effect. A named king was produced from an previously displayed large envelope, but again, it seemed confusing as to what happened, and why, and the whole lecture seemed to end up as a rushed dealer pitch, with a hint of desperation to keep the audience in the room, and focused on the performance.

It was a bit of a disappointing start to the lectures for today, but might have been partly down to language, David’s first lecture outside his home country, and the fact he was lecturing for the first time in English. A shame really as the session had the potential to be quite good.

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