David Solomon was mentored by Ed Marlo, so you know the material was going to be good. David started the talk, recounting about W.C.Fields and used this to go into a 4 card monte, and onto a 7 queen monte, basically the Gypsy Curse routine with a few twists in it. Each effect was strong and very visual, a 4 jack (or wild knave) routine was a very clean jack assembly effect, with each jack visibly vanishing from each packet to appear in the leader pile with what seemed like no special moves. The method was as with everything Solomon did, simple, sensible and visually very striking..He also performed and explained a large card spectator selection poker deal (the spectator gets to choose to keep, or give away each card), always leaving you with the higher poker hand, and a nice oil and water routine with blue backed and red backed cards.In all a very good, strong and entertaining lecture, and certainly a much better morning that yesterday first few sessions

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