David Stone was always going to attract a crowd, and the Spanish Ball Room at the Winter Gardens was packed with standing room only. In an almost Copperfield like experience the session started with a section from Davids DVD.

The lecture started with some clean and sharp coin appearances, vanishes and transpositions, including a very nice coin to mobile phone transformation. More coin transpositions followed, ending up with a coin to bottle of wine.

It’s always very refreshing in a lecture to have to double take on a number of items, many of the card case vanishes, or deck vanishes completely caught me out, and hand me wishing you could just ask him to just do that once more!!

The explanations of the effects where mingled in with comedy, jokes, and visual off beat moments, even producing a girl from under the table.. twice.. with a costume change!!

Repeated productions of full glasses of drinks from the sleeves of his jacket, and more bottles of wine appearing from no where, all added to a truly excellent lecture and session. There were a number of things that I loved about this lecture, not just because of the fact he fooled me badly a few times, but also because I’ve now got some nice additions to a routine I’ve been working on based around my old salt and coin routine.

Ending the session with a signed card to mobile phone battery compartment, David Stone got a standing ovation from the audience.

update: apparently the second girl was a completely different girl to the first one, I’m not sure if thats more, or less impressive that he performed the entire lecture with two girls under the table!!

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