The die hards of us are know on the final lecture of the night, and possibly not one really for getting on for close to midnight and the early hours of Saturday morning.

Lennart needs no explanation of just how unbelievable his card work is. In his great style of appearing very clumsy with cards, he dealt perfect poker hands, dealt selected cards on demand, vanished cards on dealing, controlled, changed and otherwise completely screwed with your perception of exactly how the physics of cards really work.

He also did a great ‘reverse matrix’ effect, where he dealt (or vanished) cards under four coins, to then show each card under the coins to have vanished, reappearing under the final coin (you have to just think cards vanishing as they are dealt and reversing the normal idea of a matrix!)

I also saw a nice new move, to replace my standard shuffled deck to to sorted cards that I regularly do (the green angle separation). This move allows (apparently!!!) you to get the cards into numerical order in one pass!!

Being so late, it really just hurts my brain to watch this stuff and try and understand what he’s doing.. but it’s just amazing stuff…

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