The Martin Sanderson lecture was always going to be a tough slot, first thing in the morning after the night before.. Martin started off with some transpositions of cards, following into an ambitious card routine ending with a card in mouth. He then followed with chosen card to envelope, and for the second time this convention, the benefits of a card vanish with the Omni deck was shown.

Martin used two two spectators really well, and did a very good coin routine with one of the coins ending up under the spectators watch. There was also a very nice chop cup routine using a lime and a kiwi (the fruit not the inhabitation of New Zealand). The routine ended up with a borrowed signed bill ending up in the kiwi fruit.

The final effect was a ring flight using a small toy dog instead of the normal key fob. Generally a fair start to the day, but fairly slow I think due to the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed the night before..

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