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Today is our anniversary, it’s also one year to the day since I asked Michelle to be my wife. For the last 365 days I have realised how lucky I am to have her in my life, and how lucky I am she said yes. I have also loved her more with each passing moment..

It seems like only yesterday that we were out in Paris, the sun was shining, and we were drinking wine at the top of monmatre..

A while ago, I gave Michelle a book of things I’d written with her in mind.. One of pages contains this, and I think it probably makes it clear why I’m very happy that soon, she’ll be my wife..

Have I told you today..

That my mind feels quiet when it’s restin on your shoulders..

That my heart beats stronger when its next to yours..

That my breathing matches yours in the middle of the night..

..and that when we are together, it just feels so right..

We’re off to our favorite restaurant tonight.. champagne.. and the best company in the world.. each other.

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It lives… Now that Paul St George has finished the Transatlantic Tunnel, he’s installed the Telectroscope down at Tower Bridge. Cowfish has been down there and actually looked though the Telectroscope and seen the sights that are.. New York…

Photos are building up in the Telectroscope pool on Flickr, and it all looks very shiny!!! Remember, you have to Believe in the Telectroscope and get yourself down to Tower Bridge in London or the Fulton Ferry Landing, Brooklyn, New York, near the Brooklyn Bridge, between today and 15th June 2008.

(photo by Cowfish)

UPDATE: there are now a whole bunch of photos and videos appearing on Flickr about the Telectroscope

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As it say ons the Telectroscope Blog:

“I received a mysterious phone call at 7:00 a.m this morning from Paul St George. He sounded tired, but elated. He urged me to come down to Tower Bridge to bear witness to the completion of the tunnel. When I arrived, this is what I saw..”

Just like when the Rocket Ship Landed in London two years ago

Something strange is going on in the capital again this weekend…

..It’s exciting, it’s strange.. it’s coming out of the ground.. and it’s Artichoke… You know what to expect…

The Teletroscope… London and New York.. 22nd – 15th May 2008

..and photos… For the non-believers 😉

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tunnelmanflare.jpg Can there really be a transatlantic tunnel from London To New York?? Well, apparently Yes!!!

Artichoke (the people that brought you the large elephant tramping through London) and Paul St George will be opening up a special exhibition from May 22nd through to 15th June 2008 in both London and New york..

Bizarrely the news about this first broke on April 1st.. Hence most thought the mad ‘steam punk’ invention of the ‘Teleroscope’, a device that used large lenses to allow viewer to see long distances through a tunnel, as well as the existence of a ‘transatlantic tunnel’ was an April Fools joke..

However now there’s a chance to see for yourself as the tunnel is, apparently from the photos, now all but complete. If you should happen to be in the vicinity of City Hall in London or the Fulton Ferry Landing in New York next Tuesday or Wednesday, you may see something strange going on.

On Thursday, 22nd May, a Telectroscope will be installed at each end of the tunnel, and it will open to the public for the first time. Allowing visitors to see from London to New York by just looking into the ‘Telectroscope’.. Quite errie!!

The project is the brainchild of the British artist Paul St George, who discovered the existence of the tunnel whilst sorting through some family papers. Notebooks and plans belonging to his great-grandfather, an eccentric Victorian engineer called Alexander Stanhope St George, revealed the location of the tunnel and plans for an astounding invention called a Telectroscope.

Through the backing of communications company Tiscali UK, Artichoke plans to open the Telectroscopes to the public, 24 hours a day. The London Telectroscope is situated on the south side of the river near Tower Bridge (close to Abbots Lane and Vine Lane)

The official Telectroscope website tells you some more about the tunnel, the Telectroscope and the project.

You can also read more on the Telectroscope Blog…

..and we’ll see just what it’s like!!!

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MCG.gifI said previously that I’d been busy, and hence the blog has got a little side tracked, so what have I been up to.. Well quite some time ago a site was set up to list Magic Conventions, talk Magic Conventions, review Magic Conventions, and cover.. well.. pretty much everything you needed to know about Magic Conventions..

The sites been a little dormant for a while, but after a long period of dust settling on the site, I’ve taken over running it, and The Magic Convention Guide is back and cranking up to running at full speed again!

I’d like to express my sincere thank yous to Table Magician Noel Qualter, Creative Design Agency – Monster Creations, and Publisher and fountain of all knowledge Andi Gladwin, for their generosity, and agreeing to let me loose with their original project.

I have some very exciting ideas for the site, and I hope that you will support it’s growth. As well as the features that were part of the site before, I’ll be offering a lot more, including more interviews from the convention celebrities, convention gossip and rumors, and even practical things like a list of hotels in the area of each of the conventions (as well as the reviews), I’ve teamed up with a number of hotel providers to allow you hopefully an easy method of finding hotels near to the convention centers, and we hope to get the inside track on whats coming up. You might even see the odd game on the site to fill those convention gaps.

This site will now be running to generate money for two organisations, we will be donating all money from the site to The Home Counties Magical Society, and The Conjuring Arts Research Center. I hope as visitors, and contributors to the site, you will help me support both of these worthy organisations. Advertisers should contact me for information on how to sponsor the site, or advertise on it.

I’m also now looking for a team that will help me with information, although anyone can submit a review of a hotel, or convention to the normal email:, I’m looking for a small team to cover conventions outside the UK, again if you are interested in joining the team, please let me know on the above email.

If you know of any conventions not listed, please let me know, and I hope, together, we can make a site dedicated to magic conventions, and how to survive them.

The Magic Convention Guide can be found at :

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I’ve been pretty tardy with updating my blog, mainly down to a number of reasons (all good) that I’ll go to in another post at some point, but last Monday, Clive, Ian, Mo and Simon invited me up to The Magic Circle in London to see Joshua Jay.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not a member of, and have never actually been up to The Magic Circle itself, so the prospect was quite exciting, and, of course the double plus was that I’d also get to see Joshua Jay lecture.

The Magic Circle itself is located not far from Euston Station, and from the outside looks very unimposing. Turning the corner into Stephenson Way, a pair of doors with the Magic Circle Logo on them hides the wonders inside. Walking in, I was greeted by The Magic Circle’s security guard, given my guest pass for the evening, and we headed up to the Devant Room to watch the examinations for that evening.

Standing at the back of the room, watching the performers getting ready, and waiting for them to start, I actually started to feel quite sick. That nervous; I shouldn’t be here kind of sick, I’m not sure why. I think it might have been some sort of sympathetic nerves for them, about to perform for those sitting in the room, ready to mark them and establish if they were the caliber to join the ranks of The Magic Circle. I think it was the stone cold thought that soon, that might be me sitting in front of the same audience, waiting to be judged.

Once the auditions were over, we headed down to the Club Room. It was nice to bump into a few people I knew; Sav, Andi Gladwin, Noel Qualter, Iain Moran, in fact there probably were more people I knew that I didn’t get a chance to talk to during the evening, as it turned out to be quite a busy night..

Almost too soon after sitting down, it was time to head up to The Magic Circles own theatre, a 162 seater custom theatre located on the top floor of the building. I’ve never been to a magic club that really boasts such great facilities as The Magic Circle, it’s not many clubs thats can seat 162 and project the lecture onto a back screen behind the performer.

Joshua’s lecture was excellent, although I’ve read most of the content of his set in various publications it was great to see Joshua himself perform them. It’s actually quite thought provoking that Joshua is so young, and so talented.

After the lecture we headed down to the the club room for some drinks (again, a club room with it’s own bar!!), to chat and savor the atmosphere. It’s quite overwhelming, but a great place to be..

..I just need to polish up my skills to get through the interview and audition…

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