An envelope turned up this morning, contents, four HUGE tickets marked ‘Derren Bown – The Event – How To Control The Nation’

From the rumors and rumblings on the internet, we know that Derren Brown is producing a new four part special, each program being one hour long, and ending up with we think some sort of live stunt..

The title is intriguing, ‘How to Control The Nation’…

No NDA, or other paperwork, but Filming, Audio, Photography and Recording is strictly forbidden..

Stay tuned..

We’ll find out more next week!!!!

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37 Responses to “Derren Brown – The Event – How To Control The Nation”
  1. David Polson says:

    Went to see him last night in Bournemouth. He was amazing. Any more news about the Event? Have you been to the filming of this yet?

  2. Rio says:

    I applied for tickets for this.. has it been done yet?

  3. Borris says:

    I heard he’s planning some sort of robbery? How are people allowed to do that? won’t that encourage copycat behavior?

  4. Jojo says:

    I heard this too… something about a massive robbery.. didnt he do this before !?

  5. Dave says:

    His blog says about a robebry, and then there is all this stuff backwards on his site? whtas wif all that!?

  6. xx819 says:

    how can he get away with a robbery of the jewels without getting arrested ? I heard and saw on his blog he’s written about a jewel robbery.. anyone know anything ?

  7. Kirsty says:

    It has been hinted at on his blog that The Events shows will culminate in one huge stunt, perhaps a jewel heist. The show is on on 09/09/09, it should be great.

  8. HollyC says:


    There’s a rumor spreading that Derren will attempt a very big jewel heist of some sort, alot of people are saying this. Do any of you know more about this??


  9. shirley says:

    something weird.. all the backwards videos on the TV and 9.9.9 as the date? police.. 999 robbery 999 maybe hes going to make us all rob jewellery stores.??

  10. Alexandro says:

    Here in Spain we read about the Events what is that about hase anything to dow with Rob Queen and robbery?

  11. Sandra says:

    who is Rob Queen, and what does he have to do with this? Heard that name several times recently, when reading about the Events

  12. troll says:

    My friend, who lives in Manchester, said that she is _sure_ that she saw Derren there yesterday. Is he doing some filming there or what?! Anyone else from there? Have you spotted anything?

  13. Myra says:

    OMG!!!! i sooo spotted Derren in Manchester too!!! He is soooo sexy… Dunno if they were filming, but he was kinda surrounded by some scary looking, serious blokes… He was walking down Turner St. heading for the High St. was sooo tempted to go up to him, but i was kinda scared by those blokes!

  14. Androgyne says:

    I heard this Event has something to do with a jewel theft, does anyone know what exactly?

  15. Mr Kong says:

    I am Rob Queen! But seriously, WTF is going on? Is he in Manchester? Is he on the Moon? Is he going to reveal himself to be the Smoke Monster off of LOST?


  16. Drunken Monkey says:

    My G/F works in Manchester city center and I can confirm Derren was filming some scene’s (for what I assume are pre-recorded bits of The Event) on Monday. She couldn’t get near enough to see what he was upto though.

  17. Sandra says:

    ROB the QUEEN????

  18. H says:

    I think the lottery, a bank and a football club will feature. If you’ve paid attention, you’ll agree.

  19. m says:

    yeah i agree with H
    i havnt noticed the bank but ive noticed the football club and lottery

  20. Afton says:

    The bank is Barclays, thats the emblem on the balloon of the little girl, the football is obvioulsy ManU, the lottery, but I didnt see any logos for jewlery, however there is the logo for the stuck to my sofa website. very odd. I live in Manchester, havent seen anything but will be keeping my eyes open now!

  21. Clarkey says:

    the emblem on the balloon is also the Polish emblem if you check it out on google images. 🙂 Manchester United are involved with the show and also a lottery win without actually winning is included! 🙂 also… there is A LOT of black and red in the advert and before he gets hit by the truck, it has the words Red Black on the front in white writing. Manchester United play in red and black and also… The man who runs shouting TAXI! has a circle on his back, this symbolises the 6th lottery ball number, the 6th lottery number corresponds to how many black and red things that pop up within the whole advert.

    Been studying Derren Brown for a while now. 🙂

  22. Helen says:

    What is the symbolism of stuck to my sofa do you think its something to do with watching from the sofa?
    also do you think the numbers on the sign post are any thing to do with the lottery?

  23. Clarkey says:

    yeah,, the numbers on the lampost are symbolised to show that hes going to do a stunt involving the lottery,, possibly winning the lottery without actually playing. and the symbolism of is a URL publishing his website. if you go onto that site then have a look and it will look like a pizza website but if you read it, it mentions Dr Rene Marrone… which if you jumble it up a bit,, Dr Rene is an anagram of Derren and Marrone means Brown in Italian. There you go,, Derren Brown (Dr Rene Marrone). 🙂

  24. terri watson says:

    Im not convinced it is the Barclays embellem looks more like manchester city fc embellem!

  25. mel metcalfe says:

    when entering the competition for tickets it says you will be notified by phone on 9th september at 10am, this is the numbers on the adverts, 09/09/09. also the red and blue is one of daerrens card tricks, -oil and water. If he his planning a jewel heist, with someone called rob queen london would be a good place to rob the queens jewels.

  26. just justine just passing through says:

    it’s the advert but rewinded so it’s going the right way….

  27. debbie and dean says:

    Well all sounds interesting, me and my collegue seems to think that he has picked the winner of the 09/09/09 lottery draw which as we know hasn’t been drawn yet, also the the black, red and white symbols could mean casino/ gambling/ roulette?
    Also the bus says it will be you, which co insides with controll the nation title, also the manchester united sign in the background is a link type and that also has a piece of writting on there that is incryptive. Also on the bus there is the lottery thumbs up symbol.

  28. debbie and dean says:

    hi again, this has been testing our brain all day, i have noticed that the guy that flags down the taxi has writting in the o on his back and also although i cant make out what it says but the emblem on the balloon also has writting round it. also i think he has had to combine 2 scenes together as there is lots that is going backwards and lots thats going forwards, the lady that pours her coffee on the floor has to be going forward as that is impossible to do backwards then rewind. has the red/white/black theme got anything to do with his short card adverts he did. and just one last thing, if the 1st one starts on the 9/9/9 then why on his compertition are we winning tickets to the show on the 10/9/9 unless this one will be for the second episode? or is he doing all four one night after the other?? i need to put my brain to bed!!!!

  29. Dr Merrone says:

    you are all muppets that watch too much television. I am going to remove the word gullible from the dictionary and put your photos in its place…yeh and then Im going to win the lottery, rob the queen and single handedly I am going to beat Man Utd 9-0. Honestly…look into my eyes…

  30. Clarkey says:

    yhhh w.e,,

    when you do actually remove the word gullible and put our pictures our that place then ill actually give a stuff about what your blagging on about. cus no-ones listening mate. 🙂

  31. Clarkey says:

    and secondly,, you dont have bloody eyes on a topic board. So YOUR the muppet.

  32. thorpy says:

    hes already done the robbery it was the 43 mil heist in London that was in the papers and the news about 3 weeks ago……

  33. mary says:

    i think hes gonna rob the queen and stick all of us to our sofas ill be stuck amazing guy looking forward to the show

  34. timeless says:

    Just saw the program times.. this friday the lottery draw is at 10:35 and derrens first show starts at 10:35! Bound to be about the lottery. Maybe hell predict the numbers??! I used to know a crazy guy who said the lottery people had a system and the balls werent random at all, maybe he was derren in disguise!

  35. BennyBoi says:

    I have managed to work out that by going on the manchester united website but the reversed one brings up a page and if you flip that round there are to seprate things and the first words are anorgammes, it says that a footballer appeared to be stuck to the spot not being able to get up after staring at the screen. the footballers name then is an annogramme of audience, meaning we will be stuck to our sofas…. ?? Comeon i worked this out andi just turned 16 :L

  36. luke says:

    Derren Brown every thursday for 4 weeks is doing a 10 minute live show were he does 4 amazing stunts. These include how to control the nation, how to predict the lottery, Spy (i dont really inderstand this one but it has something to do with the CIA stargate program), and also casino where he beats the odds playing roullette live on television. The 999 bit people are confused about is that he predicts the lottery on the 09/09/09. He then shows you how he did the stunt the following friday on channel 4 at 9pm after each seperate event. i have just watch the first one how to predict the lottery and he predicted all the numbers but not the bonus number. cant wait to see how he did it on Friday. To catch up go to 4 on demand. Hope this helps

  37. Jake says:

    For anyone who missed the show, heres how he explained it;

    Derren brown claims that by using willpower of people affects the outcome of random results. He got a group of 24 (something like that) and he then gave them a pen and some paper, then got them in a state of mind so they can write something and have no clue what they wrote (this way they wont think of the numbers they wrote). Then did something like, added them all up, and calculated the mean, and that would symbolise the lottery results. But he had a chart of all the previous lottery results and did something with those. I dont know if he did that but it was something very similar.

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