I often sit back and use off the wall things to work out whats happening, and to get ideas.. I’ve not really written here for some time, and I miss being able to record my thoughts and ideas.. I had a play with Wordle over lunch today to look at what I have talked about here.. and see if that gave me any ideas on where to go with what I’ll write in 2010..

In 2009, so much happened.. I’ll probably add a new post on that at some point and do some general catching up.. but looking at the wordle above for my site.. I guess its pointing towards writing!!

2 Responses to “Reflecting On What Has Been Written”
  1. Steve Lobley says:

    Hi Mate, it sure looks like writting to me. Get those coloured pens and start Mapping…..:-)

  2. Edd says:

    Kamikaze writing? Sounds fun! Heres to 2010!

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