So back in November I took part in NanoWriMo, which is basically an exercise in writing 50,000 words in a 30 days, it sounded like fun, and I thought it would be a good way of generating more ideas and content for that book apparently we all have inside us..

I’ve written on and off for years, a short idea of snippet here and there, and actually having a book published is something I’ve always wanted to do. Nanowrimo was actually very useful. I completed the 50,000 words, although it was mainly just random ideas and thinking, plots, and thoughts, enough to at least start working from, a few people have read snippets of some of the more formulated stuff, and so I thought I’d put one snippet up and see if anything came back:

History had one major disadvantage, it was old. Not that old wasn’t good, it was more the fact that being old, things aren’t quite so clear. It’s like your granny who gets to that certain age when things aren’t quite recalled as clearly as they once were. Its those moments when she tends to forget who you are, why you’re coming to see her, and why you seem bothered that a total stranger cannot remember your name, after all, what are you expecting her to be, some sort of mind reader? Turning up at the home of an old lady and expecting her to guess your name like you were her son or something. History is, the slam of the door of a lady that quite clearly doesn’t know you, and better still doesn’t want you on her doorstep playing some guessing game of ‘what’s my name grandma’ like she was some turn of the century mind reading act from the west end. History, quite often forgot, got a bit confused and wet itself in it’s old age.. This is how New Ears Day came about..

Somewhere though history, the exact reason why people donned large comedy plastic ears and ran around shouting ‘Happy New Ears’ on the first day of the first month has been lost, or, if not lost, slightly misplaced. It was the ministry that ensured that nothing ever was lost, or if it was, it was replaced by something just as good, if not better that took your mind off the fact that you’d just lost something important because you suddenly had something much more exciting, supplied by the ministry of unlost items. In fact he had once misplaced a rather grubby, well, he forgot exactly what was grubby and misplaced, as upon a ministry visit, he found his shiny new sugar spoon (minus the bowl), which, he was sure was the item that he’d misplaced in the first place. At some point the exact reason of whatever the thing was that was to be done on the first day of the first month had been replaced with something better by the ministry of unlost items, possibly due to people losing interest in the original event, of course the utter strangeness of plastic ears didn’t matter to the ministry, since it was a tick in the box, of ‘item found/replaced/customer didn’t notice the loss’ on the annual audit.

The brief I set myself for NanoWriMo was “Things are a miss with the world, quite literally, the odd woolen sock isn’t just getting lost in the wash any more, whole flocks of sheep are going AWOL.. Where all the stuff going? Why does a hypnotic cat look rather sheepish and who misplaced sanity..?” Of course reserving the right to completely change that at any point depending on humor content and potential writing abilities!!

A few people have likened the stuff I’ve written so far to a number of other authors (which I’m assuming is a good thing!), and I know reading some of their work has rubbed off a little bit during my life! So the question is where next, I have a few chapters ‘written’ although still in quite a random state, the story is still morphing and developing, and the Sugar Bowl, and the hypnotic cat are very important…

..I’d be interested in your thoughts…

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