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It’s a common problem, up and over garage doors have a fundamental flaw that allows water, leaves, dust and even rodents to enter your garage. The gap at the bottom of the door allows wind driven rain, dust and leaves to be blown under the door into your garage.

Where we live, it’s very dusty as we still live somewhat on a building site, and we have many trees around us that in winter, create wind blown leaves to enter under the garage door. In our last home, we also had issues with pooling water entering under the garage door.

Thankfully there is a very simple solution that quite literally plugs the gap between the door and the ground; The Weather Stop. A simple garage door seal that is easy to fit, and creates a seal between door and floor.

Weather Stop is a bit like a fixed draught excluder that fixes to the garage floor, and butts up against the back of the garage door

stopping rain and leaves under garage door

The system consists of a heavy rubber seal that is angled to slide under the door, and a round ‘bulge’ that fits up against the back of the door. Once the door is closed, the gap completely vanishes, and rain, leaves and dust cannot be blown under the door.

garage door seal

As you can see from the above photo, the weather stop seal runs the length of the door gap, and is cut to fit around the door frame, creating a complete seal

Fitting is very simple, the kits comes with sealant, the rubber seal itself, and instructions. All you need is a sealant gun, a pencil and scissors or a sharp knife.

Once fitted, you can see from the other side of the garage door the gap below the door is sealed completely.

preventing leaves rain and dust entering a garageYou can order Weather Stop garage door seals from Amazon (you just need to work out the gap between the floor and your garage door) – ours was 20mm high and I ordered 3.1m of seal to cover the entire width of the garage.

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