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If there’s anyone who can put on a truly wonderful mix of showmanship, entertainment, and just pure darn cheekiness.. its Derren Brown.. My other post on The Events some months ago, has been getting a huge number of hits and some comments.. (and yes i still have those ‘events’ tickets..!) and I’ve written quite a bit on about it over the last few weeks and months.

Everything comes to a huge climax, or at least the start of one.. tomorrow, when Derren predicts the national lottery numbers.  It will be simulcast on all of Channel 4’s channels., and if your not near a TV, then it’s also being physically played against the side of buildings in the following open air locations below:

London (Tate Modern), Manchester (Premier Lodge/back-up Deansgate Lock), Birmingham (5-ways Entertainment Complex/Bull-ring, Moor St Side as back-up) and Edinburgh (Hunter Square/back-up Museum of Scotland).

Its interactive to.. you can take part and be part of the whole mental fun ride over at

That should give you an idea of just how much planning, deception, cunning and thoughts gone into this… its huge.. huger than huge..

its Derren Brown… and if you still need more info… you just need to know where to look...

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