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I’ve seen all the previous shows Derren has done, indeed I’ve seen this show at least twice, and after a busy day up in London I headed back to Reading to meet up with two other members of HCMS and two non magical friends to see the show.

Thankfully Derren has also opened a west end run of this show this time, and the Home Counties Magical Society hopefully will have some interesting news about that event in the next few days.

Last year Derren didn’t do a run in Reading (possibly to do with the Reading crowd managing to, lets say deviate most of the effects from their intended outcome year!!) but thankfully he’d decided to give them another chance and return to the Hexagon this year. We had back of the flat stalls, center tickets, a very good view point. I think one of the nice things about Derren Brown shows is that the tickets are very reasonably priced (unless you pay the £200 odd on ebay!!) and the programs are a fair price at £5.. anyhow… On entering the theatre I instantly spotted a Malloy Master Prediction box hanging above the stage, that was quite exciting in itself, since I’ve been wondering how it worked (now I know!). The stage was set in the guise of a Victorian front parlour, think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, seances, mediumship and mystery, fitting the show very well

Before I go further, I should warn you there are some spoilers in this review, so.. if you’re lucky enough to have tickets to the remaining sell out shows.. go away.. come back after the shows run is over.. You’ll just enjoy it more…

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We always go to the Big Big Comedy Bash, an event that it seems most people don’t know about. Held annually in Reading at the Hexagon, it pulls in a sell out crowd every year, which is no surprise given the star studded range of talent that attends.

The charity event at the Hexagon has seen many top name entertainers such as Jo Brand, John Hegley, Paul Zerdin, Eddie Izzard and even prog king Rick Wakeman inspire belly-aching laughter year after year.

However the main difference with this event is that all the top names appear on the same night. Meaning you’re in for a good night of comedy regardless.

Comedian and cabaret juggler of all manner of stupid things, Steve Rawlings organises this event each year for charity, and surpassed himself this year by managing to pull together a line up that was both diverse in the nature of its talents and consistent in its quality, basically good big names that can make you laugh out loud, and cry.

Once we’d managed to get to our seat through the full and packed foyer (the show was completely sold out), we settled in for a good evening. The compare for the night was Jeff Stevenson and introduced the nights acts, featuring the talent of Jo Brand, Ed Byrne, Sean Lock, Steve Rawlings, Earl Okin, Jethro, and Phil Walker. Every single act was superb and on form.

Ed Byrne was his wonderful irish sharp witted self, Sean Lock delivered a great set of surreal imagery and observations mainly around whales and stress. Steve Rawlings, as always delivered his polished, sharp and outright crazy juggling and comedy, including a balancing section involving four gold clubs, Earlin Okin delivered his international sex appeal and musical genius to the crowd, and Jethro, well, talked about ‘fannies‘ a lot, which still made us laugh, in not just for shock value..

It was a wonderful evening, as it always is, and we laughed so hard at almost every act that it was soon all over.

Next years tickets will go on sale.. sometime before the event..

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