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It lives… Now that Paul St George has finished the Transatlantic Tunnel, he’s installed the Telectroscope down at Tower Bridge. Cowfish has been down there and actually looked though the Telectroscope and seen the sights that are.. New York…

Photos are building up in the Telectroscope pool on Flickr, and it all looks very shiny!!! Remember, you have to Believe in the Telectroscope and get yourself down to Tower Bridge in London or the Fulton Ferry Landing, Brooklyn, New York, near the Brooklyn Bridge, between today and 15th June 2008.

(photo by Cowfish)

UPDATE: there are now a whole bunch of photos and videos appearing on Flickr about the Telectroscope

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As it say ons the Telectroscope Blog:

“I received a mysterious phone call at 7:00 a.m this morning from Paul St George. He sounded tired, but elated. He urged me to come down to Tower Bridge to bear witness to the completion of the tunnel. When I arrived, this is what I saw..”

Just like when the Rocket Ship Landed in London two years ago

Something strange is going on in the capital again this weekend…

..It’s exciting, it’s strange.. it’s coming out of the ground.. and it’s Artichoke… You know what to expect…

The Teletroscope… London and New York.. 22nd – 15th May 2008

..and photos… For the non-believers 😉

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tunnelmanflare.jpg Can there really be a transatlantic tunnel from London To New York?? Well, apparently Yes!!!

Artichoke (the people that brought you the large elephant tramping through London) and Paul St George will be opening up a special exhibition from May 22nd through to 15th June 2008 in both London and New york..

Bizarrely the news about this first broke on April 1st.. Hence most thought the mad ‘steam punk’ invention of the ‘Teleroscope’, a device that used large lenses to allow viewer to see long distances through a tunnel, as well as the existence of a ‘transatlantic tunnel’ was an April Fools joke..

However now there’s a chance to see for yourself as the tunnel is, apparently from the photos, now all but complete. If you should happen to be in the vicinity of City Hall in London or the Fulton Ferry Landing in New York next Tuesday or Wednesday, you may see something strange going on.

On Thursday, 22nd May, a Telectroscope will be installed at each end of the tunnel, and it will open to the public for the first time. Allowing visitors to see from London to New York by just looking into the ‘Telectroscope’.. Quite errie!!

The project is the brainchild of the British artist Paul St George, who discovered the existence of the tunnel whilst sorting through some family papers. Notebooks and plans belonging to his great-grandfather, an eccentric Victorian engineer called Alexander Stanhope St George, revealed the location of the tunnel and plans for an astounding invention called a Telectroscope.

Through the backing of communications company Tiscali UK, Artichoke plans to open the Telectroscopes to the public, 24 hours a day. The London Telectroscope is situated on the south side of the river near Tower Bridge (close to Abbots Lane and Vine Lane)

The official Telectroscope website tells you some more about the tunnel, the Telectroscope and the project.

You can also read more on the Telectroscope Blog…

..and we’ll see just what it’s like!!!

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